The focus is on the English that people use today, and definitions are given in straightforward, accessible language. It is packed with usage notes giving advice on tricky points of style, grammar and punctuation.

  • Focus on language as it is used today
  • Clear and full definitions in straightforward English
  • Innovative page design gets you to the right information instantly
  • Information about how words are actually used, supported by evidence from the real world
  • Attractive and accessible page design
  • Additional help with the pronunciation, origin and spelling of words
  • Up-to-the-minute information on how words are used, supported by Chambers Wordtrack and the British National Corpus

At the start of the 20th century, Chambers produced the acclaimed Twentieth Century Dictionary, a book which revolutionized the way in which people perceived and used dictionaries. In the 21st century, most dictionary users have rather different needs, and these are addressed by Chambers 21st Century Dictionary.

Chambers 21st Century Dictionary looks at the English language from a fresh perspective. The needs of the reader are always paramount, and this will be immediately apparent on comparing it with any other dictionary. Drawn from the unique Chambers database of language and reference materials, this new dictionary provides in one volume an exceptional range of information about English and how to use it.

Please note: people seeking to replace copies of the Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary are advised to purchase The Chambers Dictionary, which is the direct successor to that book.

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