• The Chambers 13th Edition

    The unrivalled dictionary for word lovers

    This 13th edition, new for 2014, retains the much-loved features of The Chambers Dictionary, including the unique quirky definitions for certain words. There are over 1,000 new words and meanings, and there is also a brand new two-colour Word Lover's Ramble at the back of the Dictionary, showing how English words and definitions have changed over the history of The Chambers Dictionary.

    Please find the list of Enriched Words here

  • Great Book of Speeches

    Over 250 world-changing speeches, from ancient history to the 21st century

    The Chambers Book of Great Speeches is the most comprehensive guide available to the inspired and inspiring speeches that have shaped the world we live in.

  • Chambers Crossword Manual

    The treasure-trove for crossword lovers

    Acknowledged as the definitive work on modern crosswords, Chambers Crossword Manual is an essential handbook for all crossword fans from beginners to experts. It is packed with practical advice on solving crosswords, as well as many practice crosswords.

  • Coming soon: Chambers Thesaurus 5th Edition

    Published 18th June 2015

    The brand of choice for authors and crossword fans alike, Chambers will be releasing the 5th edition of its popular range of Thesauruses this year.

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